Outdoor Learning Garden at The Leo Baeck Day School

Monday March 06, 2017 - Tuesday October 31, 2017  |  09:00AM - 03:15PM Ontario, Toronto, Outdoor Courtyard, 501 Arlington Ave, M6C 3A4
Outdoor Learning Garden at The Leo Baeck Day School

The Leo Baeck Day School is planning a number of activities during May and June to augment our outdoor learning opportunities. 

1. We are planting seeds indoors and moving them to an outdoor lerning garden which we set up last year with the Bowery project. We have almost 100 milk crates which we'll plant with a variety of edible veggies, herbs as well as flowers. Families 'adopt' the crates over the summer an return them in the Fall. This garden allows our students to learn about indoor and outdoor gardening, including the planning and research process.

2. We will be collaborating with the David Suzuki Foundation's Homegrown National Park program to install a "Community Canoe" in our garden courtyrard. The native plants will attract pollinators and are meant to enhance local biodiversity and engage our student in nature-based learning.

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